Friday, June 19, 2009

Ultra-retreat - 5

I am adrift outside the boundaries of my former life, society, social acceptability, the limits of “training.”

From the ACIM Test (Ch 5, I and II):

- The Holy Spirit is the Christ Mind which is aware of the knowledge that lies beyond perception.
- The Voice of the Holy Spirit is the Call to Atonement, or the restoration of the integrity of the mind (from the idea of separation from God).
- The Holy Spirit is the Mind of the Atonement (Jesus is in charge of the Atonement). He (Holy Spirit) represents a state of mind close enough to One-mindedness that transfer to it is at last possible.
- The Holy Spirit is the spirit of joy.
- The Holy Spirit is God’s Answer to the (idea of) separation.
- This Call is so strong that the ego always dissolves at Its sound.
- The Holy Spirit is in you in a very literal sense.
- The Holy Spirit is the radiance that you must let banish the idea of darkness (this world).
- The choice for the Holy Spirit is the choice for God.
- The Voice for God is always quiet because It speaks for peace.
- He is your remaining communication with God…
- I (Jesus) have enjoined you to behave as I behaved, but we must respond to the same Mind to do this. This Mind is the Holy Spirit, Whose Will is for God always. He teaches you how to keep me as the model for your thought, and to behave like me as a result.

The Text for A Course in Miracles is 669 pages; yet here in a couple of chapters, I find almost everything I need for release from the darkness in my mind. Almost all I need do is turn my self, my thinking, over to Jesus and listen exclusively to the Voice of the Holy Spirit within. When I say ACIM is saving my bacon during my period of employment transition, I mean that I am learning to listen to the quiet Voice. Listening to the Voice, I change my thinking and I change the dark world, my ego projection of hate and fear. It becomes possible for me to have a happy dream of Christ Self instead of the ego terror. But, I must stop and learn these new ideas; to put on the Mind of Christ as it were. I must let my mind be taught and put the effort into new lessons. To me, this is salvation: salvation from doom and gloom, and entry into a world of light and peace and joy.

Starting at 6:45 this morning, I went for a 14 mile jog/walk. It was like walking in warm water, humid and 80+ degF. I picked a trekish sort of route, 14 miles in one loop. It was mostly flat and I was jogging very slow. My body was happy with me. My quads had been shot from the hills the previous 4 days, but today they were not stressed.

My mind was on the lesson the whole time: “I am not a body. I am free. I am still as God created me. I am the Holy Son of God Himself.” I thought of myself as a miracle worker: seeing Christ, the Son of God, in everyone. I keep turning my life over to Jesus’ guidance. There is no other positive thing to do: keep the lesson in your mind and listen for Jesus’ guidance. The world is a scary place and I feel powerless over it; unless I am trusting in a Higher Power. It is not that I personally am the Son of God; but all of us are the Son of God. As I say the words to myself, my mind reaches out and connects to the Mind of Christ. This is a comfortable mental condition. This condition keeps me mentally safe and trusting Jesus to guide me.

I found my stride and entered the sea of mental mantra. I allowed my mind to be as on an ocean, adrift with nothing in sight. I stared at the infinite horizon and extended my consciousness into the Mind of the Son of God. To do this is not a solution to worldly problems. It is an impractical place of contemplation, of pure existence. Nothing more. The last 3 miles of my run were on a flat dirt road bordered by foot tall corn. There was not a tree for miles; just me and the sun. It was perfect.

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