Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pause and Redirection

I just got laid off.

My initial reaction is:

Thank God for spirituality because I am comfortable with being outside the world. I am outside the system, maybe I can stay here.

Maybe I will get a 30 day retreat!

Stop and talk to Jesus.

Actually, it is more like: I got picked.

The universe is wide open. Don’t project. Don’t limit. Let Jesus handle everything.

The only thing I seem to need to know about the future is that there is one. I do know I have plans. I just don’t happen to know what the plans are. I do know that making time into spirituality is something I have a talent for and I plan to focus intensely on that: silence and listening.

Tomorrow’s lesson is so perfect: “I will be still an instant and go home.”

I am utterly grateful I have ACIM, or more rightly, trust in Jesus. I am completely in my Teacher's hands and I love it there. Everything is being handled. My job is to keep my hands off; surrendering my mind to the Holy Spirit's service. I am so blessed, I can't express the magnitude of blessing: infinite.


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