Friday, June 12, 2009

God is My Employer

Today at 11:10, I got done educating my boss about environmental activities, at least in some superficial manner. He thanked me for helping him. I said, “I am not the sort of person to wave my finger at you and walk out the door.” How incredibly mature I seem to be.

But really, it is because of reliance on God. I am not upset that I am laid off because I believe totally that it is because the Holy Spirit has a new assignment for me. I also believe that work has nothing to do with money. Money and bills are part of the ego world. I am in the service of The Spirit. God is my employer. Now is the time to practice ACIM (A Course in Miracles): forgiveness, miracles and Christ vision. That is my job.

I got in my car and decided to head to Kansas City for a fellowship meeting. As I drove, I felt so pleased: I am totally in the hands of the Universe, of Love. I don’t know where I am going or what I will be doing. I am happy. My little ship is flying free! Yes, my ego will try to get me to obey its thought system and to attack others with resentful thoughts. I have an answer. It comes from Jesus: “The Name of God is my inheritance.”

Really, have you given deep thought to the reality and Fact of God lately? God is saving my bacon. Through learning ACIM, to be a miracle worker, I’m not sitting here all hateful because the world is so unfair and I am such a victim. I take seriously the Fact that God’s inheritance is so incredibly more valuable than money that they are incomparable, not even the same dimension. But, through study, I step into that other dimension, the realm of the Spirit, where money is meaningless and God is all there is; and we know it.

This is not the first time that my life has been completely out of control by me and totally in the hands of the universe. I remember the early morning of the day I got kicked out of the monastery. I sat in my monastic cell with Spirit. I said that I had made these vows to God and I was willing to carry them out whether in the convent or out. It turns out: OUT. I was in such a special zone of God’s care. Later that day when they told me I was leaving, I entered a spiritual reality unlike anything I had been conscious of before. But, looking back and looking at things that have happened since, I believe and agree that I am not in charge. My job is to learn the Holy Spirit’s thought system, to learn to experience the content of Love, no matter what the material world looks like. I am still carrying out my monastic vows as a solitary monk in the world.

My marathon tomorrow is turned over to Spirit. I don’t know if I will run really fast or just comfortably. My 30 day ultra retreat starts Monday.

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rob horton said...

blessings on your 26.2 tomorrow.