Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I sit quietly in my monastery, perhaps on my knees (or maybe not), perhaps before the blessed sacrament (always). The blessed sacrament, the sign, the focal point, the oculus, the entrance to the realm of the spirit is what I sit before all day and every day. I do not have the outer form of the prayer posture, or the outer form of the monastic oratory or the physical presence of a monstrance. The oratory is my inner place where God sings. The monstrance is the place where God shows me Himself. Every person is a monstrance. Every environment is an oratory. With all monks, I share an inner content which is true reality: gratitude that love is all there is and that the mind can completely turn itself over to the service of love. The blessed sacrament is the sign not of the Son’s crucifixion, but that all is resurrected. The sacrament is an outer form that speaks of an inner reality. The inner reality is inwards from every person, every molecule and every photon.

My eyes are shut I flow as spirit into the realm of spirit. In quiet, I come to know Love, Creator, True Authority. In truth, I never left this place and I won’t leave it now. Always and forever, I am spirit in a spiritual environment.

Personal statistics: for day one of my taper, I did a 40 minute work out on the machines plus weights in the morning. In the afternoon, I took apart the heavy desk in the living room, moved everything piece by piece into the spare bed room, and put it all back together; so that the bicycle can have a parking spot by the door and eventually I can move the computer out of the kitchen and into the spare bedroom. I rode my bicycle to work yesterday and did not use my car at all. I arrived at work (rainy today) with two bottles of Master Cleanser, two bottles of fresh orange/pear/yam juice, a bottle of green tea and a bottle of water.

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