Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Road to Maryville - 5 days to be good!

Shoot! I hate it when this happens. Now I'm confused.

Today I ran on a measured flat dirt course (2.7 mi/lap). 98 minutes for 4 laps (10.8 miles). The lap times were 26 min, 25 min, 24:30 and 23:40 (WHAT 8:45 a mile?). NON-Gu-assisted running. My body feels great now several hours later. The cycle of the moon is in my favor given female concerns (a 50 year old still dealing with this). I just bought a new singlet.

Back to plan A? More taper for 5 days and then race the heck out of Maryville?

Could happen. We'll see.

Lift weights. Walk alot, jog a little. Stay on the diet. Mow the lawn.

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rob horton said...

look forward to hearing how it goes - i will be with you in spirit.