Thursday, June 4, 2009

Taper Day 4 - Self Transcendence Model

Day 4 of taper - This morning, I lifted weights and ran 55 minutes. This afternoon, I lifted weights and walked 60 minutes. Is that a taper? Well, I don't plan on running 50 to 70 miles this week per usual; so yes, I'm tapering.

I subscribe to the Suprabha Beckjord 3100 Self Transcendence model of running. The runners in the 3100 mile race go 50 to 70 miles a day for over two months.

I am analytical and I like data analysis. So I've applied my number crunching to calories versus minutes of exercise. Its not that accurate, but it gives me a picture and a way to shoot for a goal. I divide the calories I eat per day by 100 and the minutes exercised by 10. I graph those two things and the difference (sorry, the dates go smunched in this version). My desire is to average a difference of about ten; knowing that on long run days, the graph gets skewed. One minute of exercise is not always 10 calories. That is why the difference goal is 10, rather than the 14 a woman my size would need for daily maintenance.

Believe it or not, before I go get another helping of something, I enter the data into the computer and then decide. Usually, it helps me focus on my goal instead of unconsciously eating until I'm stuffed.

My ACIM metaphysics worked today. I had several worldly situations which would normally cause me to be perturbed or resentful and start a barrage of hateful thoughts towards the other people. Today, I easily remembered not to attack and instead focus on the inner radiance of God which we all share. This practice is one way to look at "forgiveness" as ACIM defines it. In any case, I was so happy to be off the ego hook and using the Holy Spirit's thought system. It was magnificent!

I did most of this forgiveness work while out running. So, while my body was self transcending in one way, my mind was self transcending in another. Cool!

Tomorrow is Friday: special day. The Maryville marathon is in 9 days. I'm not feeling any performance stress like I did before the Olathe Marathon in March. This afternoon I ran in my sahara shorts so I could see if a 7 oz fuel belt bottle would ride without flapping around; and it was very comfortable. So, for Maryville, I may just carry an empty bottle and fill it at the last aid station (because that aid station is too far from the finish line).

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