Monday, September 1, 2008

Marathon Report

OMG....I hit the wall..4:42.

At 18 miles, I was on track, but I knew I wasn't going to make it. By 22 miles, I was involved with a peculiar jogging shuffle which I knew would get me to the finish. I didn't even perk up on the down hills. I wondered if I was losing consciousness in the heat. I wondered if I should quit at mile 24.5 where my hotel was.

Then, I had a good stream of thought. It has been many years since I hit the wall. I accepted that today was today; and let go of my expectations of matching last year's time. Today was today of this year and not last year. What for? Why finish? Just to do it. Not to impress anyone. I went through that particularly intense intimate mental place and just kept going. It was self transcendence but not because I was fast; because I defeated my ego.

I still got 2nd in my age group!

The drive home was 3 hours. After 2 1/2, I stopped for gas and coffee before heading out into the country. The cup of coffee was 49 cents. I hauled out my change and could not figure out how to put coins together into the form of 50 cents. The girl had to help me. Wow, my brain is fried along with my legs!

Good experience! I'll have to savor it some more. But first, eating!

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