Monday, September 15, 2008

Daniel Day 8 - Purpose

It is said that fasting is a method for defining your life's purpose, or discerning God's purpose for your life. Indeed, as I have been reading books on prayer and fasting, this topic has been at least somewhat on my mind.

I get little helpful hints. Like in reading book 6 of the Dune Chronicles by Frank Herbert, Duncan Idaho ponders over and over "the pieces that cannot be moved." Also, as my foot is sore and I've had to take something of an injury time out from running, I've wondered if I am a runner; or what is the content (not form) of the running activity. Also, listening to Mattie Stepanek interview, he had a very short philosophy of life which he could easily say. The burlap scapular I wear next to my skin is a symbol of my desire to indelibly imprint the sign of Jesus somehow someway on every portion of my being; but especially to know the divinity at my most intimate level. These ponderings coalesced into the following:
  • Shamelessly follow Jesus: refers to my dedication to spiritual growth under the guidance of Christ. This has been my motto for over 10 years.
  • Take care of business: refers to my physical being and my ascetic approach to living.
  • Go to work: refers to employment and daily participation with others.
  • Be an athlete: refers to the inner essence of my being (my driving spirit) which gets out of bed and trains.

Therefore, the pieces that cannot be moved are my life's purpose. It is framed somewhat intangibly.

God, Jesus is my strongest and most primal urge!

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