Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daniel Day 3

From ACIM Text:
  • See only Mind everywhere, becuase only this is everywhere and in everything...perceive only this, [then] you perceive only what is true.
  • we see them (others) truly, they will be healed.
  • our gratitude to them we make them aware of the light in them.
  • This is true communion with the Holy Spirit, Who sees the altar of God in everyone, and by bringing it to your appreciation, He calls upon you to love God and His creation.
  • You can appreciate and love the Sonship only as one.
The idea that the world and humanity need to be saved is so prevalent. Is that programming or a true call from Love? I think it is our understanding that we are in pain and we want a solution. So, I reject the ego notion that I save the world to be grandiose. I accept the Holy Spirit's call to Love and try to see beyond the body and appreciate the light in each person.

When I am fasting, I am not worshipping idols of food and palliatives. I feel better about myself. I can then be much more generous with others in my practice of appreciation.

Today, I started with green tea again. I realize that I believe that I can't stay awake or think without caffeine. I am so totally afraid of the non-caffenated condition that I am sure my quitting caffeine would somehow threaten my ego. My ego doesn't want me to experience the light on the other side of addiction. I am thinking that either Friday or Saturday, I'll risk a crash.

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