Saturday, September 13, 2008

Daniel Day 6 - Nazaritic Baptist

I am a John the Baptist Baptist. That is, I am a Nazarite. I want to be bare bones and intense with my vow: Shamelessly follow Jesus. No church has ever been as serious as I want to be, so I range around in the wilderness.

I wear the yoke of Christ in my heart and symbolically on my body. It is not the sissy brown scapular, but a home made burlap garmet with a cross crudely marked, front and back. I think my ego made this, but the Holy Spirit quickly took it up as a way to teach me what my ego is saying to keep me from God.

Since I found A Course in Miracles, most Christians would think me apostate. But I know I love Jesus, the living one. I seek healing of the Christ Consciousness which we all share. It would be for this that Jesus' gift touched me: For their sakes I sanctify myself, so that they (too) may be sanctified by (the) truth (John Ch 17). I have been to seminary and studied the Bible thoroughly. I agree with some scholars that perhaps only 20% is accurate; and that has traditionally been misinterpreted, especially by male church hierarchies who have their own agendas. I seek to integrate the Bible and ACIM. I know for sure the esoteric meanings are present and available in the Bible, known given a sustained practice of deep listening. Combined with ACIM, we have the instructions for being in Heaven, being one, realizing the inorganic wholeness of the Sonship.

Being apostate keeps me humble. Knowing Truth is without perception.

PS - one of the joys of this blog is that every now and then, I hear from someone. I love this. I don't usually post commonts because this blog is not really a discussion. But the ccomments are open because I like to read them.

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