Friday, September 5, 2008


This morning I woke up with the alarm at 3:06. I sat in bed briefly. I had slept under a blanket. I got up and made it to my table for morning study and meditation. I didn't read much. Soon I found myself just focusing on a tiny pin prick of light in a crystal hanging in the dark window. I realized that nothing was on my mind. I had been awake for almost an hour and still my mind had not grasped or invented anything to focus on. I realized how close I was to the abstract. If I maintained the abstract situation, I was outside my ego's control and very close to God. I imagine when I retire that I will spend much time sitting and staring at the tiny pin prick of light. It is a doorway to a much greater beyond.

At 4:25, I went running. It was cool and dark and misty. Up here, down there, up here, down there, up here, down there....around and around....who cares where....a dog barks....a car goes by....up here, down there.....7 miles.

I got to work at 6 (short commute of 1.5 minutes) and logged on. I erased the e-mail from my ex-teacher who has decided to promote joy for 30 days. How negative of me to not pretend to honor joy. I wrote a letter to a Buddhist nun in India who lives on $2,000/year. LOL I make $70,000, give half to the government, save some for retirement, and buy running shoes. Today I will work on a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan. It is a 40 page set of words to meet government regulations but will not change one thing about storm water at our plant.

Are you an ACIM student? Doing workbook lessons? Don't buy a timer and set it so you remember your hourly lesson. Sincerely make the effort to want to touch base with your friend Jesus every hour. If you really knew Jesus, would you need a timer to remind you of him? The timer will make you into a pavlov's dog: you'll have behavior but no substance.

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