Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daniel Day 23

  • God is the light in which I see.
  • Be determined to remember.
  • The ego has endless prescriptions for avoiding catastrophic outcomes.
It has been on my mind a lot the past few days how busy people are. Few people have time for friendships because they are so busy. If you talk to them, they list off all these obligations that seem mandatory. Some people say "I'm real busy" as a matter of ego bolstering, or (heaven forbid) defense. What do you say when you see their big wall of obligations; knowing it is form not content but it effectively keeps you out? I walk away sad because I can’t reach my friend. Busyness is a type of attack. We don't mention the effect of our own choices and the fact that the content of our lives is something that we choose.

Voluntary simplicity has a lot to do with making time for nothing and learning to be at peace with nothing. My semi-eremitical life is centered on free time. I really don’t know any people in my face-to-face world who are intent on allowing free time. I spend a good deal of the time meditating. My meditation has become peaceful, just sitting with the light and contemplating its presence. I am free from the enlightenment rat race and happy to just be able to sit. In my nothingness, I am viewed or judged as selfish, or as not benefitting society. I just bear the guilt and see others as children of God in the light with me.

People are victims of busyness; probably ignorant of how to break the addiction. Fear abounds if you dare to just drop something. Leaving empty space is impossible for most. Those of us who make that attempt feel guilty for our freedom. People ask me what is going on for me and I have nothing to say. Anything that goes on is spiritual; and can’t be condensed to a sound bite. My outer life is just a store front for my inner life. My exterior life tells me what content I have picked for that day. I am determined to remember God.

In my fear of catastrophic outcomes, I sit tight and open my mind to the idea that God is my source and not this ego world. God is the light in which I see; and I am determined to remember.

The form of my life: I get up at 3 in the morning. I spend until 4:30 in spiritual study and meditation. I ride the exercise bike and lift weights until 5:30. I change clothes, gather my water, and drive the 1.5 miles to work; arriving before 6. I work until 11:30 and then go home for lunch. I work until 3. Then I come home to an evening of solitude: exercise, shower, spiritual study, meditation and make juice for the morning. I go to bed about 8:30. The content of this activity is prayer. I am determined to remember God.

Last evening and again this morning, I had the grace to see the light in my meditation. I had the grace to just watch it and not demand enlightenment of it.

Learn to be satisfied drinking pure water and you will feel simplicity in your gut; full satisfaction.

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