Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Daniel Day 16 - Musings

Wow, already 16 days.

My mind has been very quiet for a couple of days, no burning issues to discuss.

Daniel (I mean Daniel from the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament) watched kings come and go; working in their governments, fasting and praying, serving his God no matter what. Daniel had visions and supernatural challenges, but seemed to just stick with his humility, prayer, vegetables and water despite all that. In a sense, Daniel seemed to live simply, despite job pressures. He didn't want fine clothes or the king’s dainties. Many years went by between events and Daniel lived a long time; but the daily grind was about prayer, vegetables and water. The future was revealed to Daniel but he carried it secretly; all the while praying, fasting and going to work.

Our world is in turmoil; but serving our God will keep us safe. Money comes and goes. Most of us harbor fear in proportion to our money; instead of entering into the divine without defenses. I am actually quite vulnerable. I only pretend my defenses keep me safe. I need to look beyond the walls to see the Light of Truth.

Daniel was a captive of a foreign government. He didn’t believe in their religion and didn’t partake of their society. He did what was asked of him but did not give up his God. This morning, it dawns on me: I could do what Daniel did. I do not agree with our society and I don’t partake of it; but I can do what is asked of me. “Suiting up and showing up” is one of my talents.

Fasting is difficult; because we habitually seek palliatives instead of facing our fears, entering, walking through their dark clouds, and finding God on the other side of them.

I deeply wish for more Jesus consciousness and awareness. O Man dressed in white linen, shine in my heart. In the mean time, I’ll pray, fast and go to work.

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