Monday, March 26, 2012

Ultra Again

It is only a 50k, but I am signed up. Yesterday, I clicked all the buttons: airplane, hotels, rental cars, parking, race entry.

After my 25 mile jaunt on Saturday, I walked another 8 miles on Sunday. This gave me 43 miles between Friday night and Sunday. I felt it. But it felt good. There is something that happens to the body and mind the longer you go. It is memorable, yet not exactly explainable.

My ACIM Psalm for tonight and tomorrow is certainly beautiful and cuts completely to the heart of life:
Be in my mind, my father, through the day.
I trust all things to you. Fear has ended.

You realize that as soon as you completely surrender your life and stop judging it, then you have nothing to fear. Nothing is left for you to worry about. Nothing bad will happen because you have not projected it.

I imagine myself an ultra runner; just chugging along a road with no beginning and no ending, all is pure bliss.

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