Friday, March 9, 2012

Lesson 164

Its the weekend: a time when I retreat into my silence and ponder.

The afternoon featured crashing thunder, thick bolts of lightning and pouring down rain. I nixed any thoughts of going outside for a run. I took a nap with ear plugs. I read a book. Finally, I had gathered some energy and became eager for a workout.

I stopped by the ACIM workbook and made myself a little ditty to chant while I worked out.

The present is the only time there is.
This day  _  _ is sacred to the world.
Letting go _ _ all things-I think I want.
The world fades easily before Christ sight.
Now are we one with Him Who is our Source.

Each line has 10 beats (thats why I put the pauses in lines 2 and 3). And when I exercise, the beats work out to foot steps and breathing in sync. so in a sense, not only my thoughts but my whole body (that is the illusion I made and called a body) is immersed in the lesson. Nothing of me is left out. Course students pondering this little chant will see that it is the Course in a nutshell. Everything needed for salvation is here.

I will continue on pondering the verses tomorrow and I run and workout.

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