Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Won!

Really. I won my personal challenge: If I do a 2 hour work out Friday evening and a 6 hour "on-your-feet-something" on Saturday, then I allowed as how I could buy airplane tickets to a 50k endurance run in Missouri.

Friday evening, I ran 10 miles, 2h10min. Saturday, I jog/walked 25.3 miles in 5h57 garmin or 6h15 elapsed (elapsed includes pit stops). So, I think I could complete a 50k all in one shot in around 7h30min. But I'm not quite sure that I should.

Today's ACIM Psalm:
God is with me. I live and move in Him.
I have no words except His name as I...
...come quietly into His presence now.

That is all I said to myself for 6 hours.

After coming home and taking a shower, I bought some new Sugoi shorts. If I can still walk tomorrow, maybe I'll plan the trip to Missouri.

Why do people believe in God? It is more complex than saying it is a function of aboriginal agenticity. We have egos that want to rise above. We are born aspirants. Is there a God to aspire to is the question. I believe there is a state of mind which is only love. It is in that state that the answer to the question is known. For now, I have a methodology which leads me out of a purely egoic existence and into an ontology of love.

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