Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Nutshell

Yesterday, I jog/walked 25 miles. It has not been since September of last year that I went that far in one day. This year, 22 miles is my farthest.

I would say there is a marked difference in how I feel after 25 miles as opposed to 20 miles. I forgot how that feels. I also look at my training log and see that last July when I was doing the time, it was on hills so not the distance. I think that an ultra runner needs to do the long distance in order to not be daunted. Yesterday, I walked the last 25 minutes. I had finished 3 x 8 mile laps but was not at 6 hours. I walked to make up the time. The purpose was to get my ultra thought pattern into play: keep going even if.....

I do feel tired today. I'm going to do a walk because there is a neighborhood route I want to measure. It involves a brand new sidewalk! I'll get home in time for A Prairie Home Companion and workout on my machines.

The Nutshell? Here is an ACIM summery I thought of this morning: First, based on Chapter 30.V and VII of the Text, the world has one constant purpose: a place where hope of happiness can be fulfilled BECAUSE Christ has been accepted and the goal of guilt let go, thus forgiveness reins and I am happy. Second, looking at WBII section 6, Christ is the Self we share, what God's Son really is: "The Thought which still abides in the Mind that is His Source."

Non-course students will have interpretations of the words forgiveness and Christ and world and purpose and happiness and guilt and God's Son and God; than is meant here. Sorry about that.

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