Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daniel Day 24

All selfishness aside, our monetary crisis is a good thing. Personally, the challenge of noticing and healing my own ego thoughts around money has been extremely beneficial. This world is an ego delusion.

Yesterday afternoon, I was reading a fasting book which happened to have the word "chocolate" in it. Quietly I thought of having a Cadbury egg when this fast is over. I noticed I had that thought at least two more times. About 7:30, as I sat for meditation, I realized that the Cadbury egg thought was a quiet assent to hurt myself and re-enter addiction. If I allowed that thought to sit in my brain, it would root and grow and eventually I would be powerless over it. So I got with Jesus and rejected the thought. I gave it to Him and asked for one of His instead. I had a brief flash of Benevolent Love.

These flashes of the Benevolent Being who Loves us are the point of my spiritual practice. In learning more and more about this reality, I leave the ego delusion and begin to reside in the light.

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