Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mass Again

I got up at 3:50 and did my hour of spiritual study. This morning, I was totally focused on seeing what God sees and created (holiness); which is not what I see in my illusion of the world. I am totally willing to let go of my ego and let Jesus teach me to see something different. Then, I had a wonderful 45 minute run, made my daily green smoothie for work, quick shower and off to Mass. I'm not sure why my thirst for Mass has come back, but I honor it.

When I am at Mass, I sit to the side by the box which holds Jesus.

This morning, a funny thing happened. I was thinking that if I am going to frequent daily Mass, I should get a book which has the Mass readings for this liturgical year because I can't understand the readers very well and one of the priests is ESL, so I can't understand him at all. Then, I saw in the pew in front of me that someone had left a daily Mass book for the first quarter. No telling when that book got left there, but not at this Mass.

Ummmm...yes...I stole it!

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Anonymous said...

when an angel leaves a gift - and you pick it up; is that considered stealing? hmmmm.... :)

Your, LL