Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Perfect Day

Today was a perfect day:

Up at 3:45 for spiritual study, then a 56 minute run which felt fast, then 6:30 am Mass, then to work by 7:15 where I actually worked with intensity and accomplished things today and stayed until 4:45, then a nice drive home with a stop at the store to buy oranges, then a cup of green tea and a game of free cell, then a full free weight and core work out plus 20 minutes on the treadmill doing 1x1s. Now, a salad, a little reading, meditation and sleep.

Work was not seemingly endless. I had no difficult people situations today. I loved my run. I got myself out of lethargy with a tiny mental push to get started on the afternoon workout.

What if this exact thing happened every day, day after day, with very little variation? Monastic life is meant to be just as boring as this, and regular, so the mind goes to God. Sometimes I do really try to moderate optional activities. I do it to get time and mental quiet. Then, I just sit silently in my apartment and await Intuition. As long as I have time to entertain Intuition, I am happy.

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