Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009's Most Memorable Run

The year’s most memorable running moments:

I don’t think it was the Boston qualifying marathon I ran. But I did enjoy telling everyone I had BQ’d.

I don’t think it was the 5:24 50k Frisco 50; or the 1:55 Olathe half marathon.

It could have been one of the mystical runs which took place in the early morning darkness in Atchison. Whether warm or cold, these runs were so magnificent.

It could have been the moment, after 6 hours of the Psycho Psummer, after running 5 hours on a sprained ankle, that I was laying face down in mud on a rock pile realizing that my leg just wasn’t going to hold me up and I’d have to quit at the next aid station.

It could have been the 50k training run I did a week after the Psycho in order to get revenge. I ran 50k on dirt roads in 6 hours. That afternoon, I spent laying on the bed, my legs covered in red splotches of heat rash and ice packs on both knees and ankles.

It could have been the 5 hour run I did in the extreme early morning because it was the day for my long run but I had a telephone interview scheduled at 10 am. I flubbed the interview.

It could have been the 4 hours in the pouring rain and cloudy darkness.

It could have been the 20 mile run where I saw a huge rat snake, a deer, a huge bull frog and a soaring hawk; or the day I faced down a skunk, or watched a sick looking fox, or the bald eagle cruising just above me.

It might have been the exploration run which ended at a dead end in a cow pasture; or the many times I ran down a straight dirt road, between tall corn with five or six deer flies attempting to bite me and cars every now and then dusting me out, with sweat dripping profusely.

It probably was not the 20 mile run I had in Koln, Germany. Except for being in Germany, that run was distinctively boring.

It probably wasn’t the last run I had in the park in Atchison after getting a new job and moving to Kansas City. I had spent 4 or 5 hours a day running in that park all summer while I was laid off; but now, it was the past. My life had moved on.

I don’t think it was the 2 mile run I ran with an extremely bruised toe and a huge pained grimace on my face; which toe had kept me out of the Kansas City marathon.

It could have been the day I had a magnificent open air dump, on top of a levy, surrounded by miles of flat fields and a sun coming up.

Was it the day I counted 20 bunny rabbits?

It could have been the day I ran sixteen 9 minute miles.

It could have been my first exploration run in Riverside; where I discovered a cool patio with a view behind an office building, several fountains, troll gate, the miniature space shuttle to the Northmore Castle, and the Northmore castle itself.

Or really, it was just this morning when I ran 40 minutes on the treadmill. I’m totally grateful for any run, any day, any time. Endorphins are my passion. Give me a stretch of road and I’ll happily run along it for as long as I can.


Mark said...

You had an amazing year!

Kristen Long said...

They were all indeed memorable runs. I liked the one with the pink t-shirt, too. :)

Happy New Year! Here's hoping your year is an endorphin- and adventure-filled one.