Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I woke up this morning transformed; something had been let go of.


Delving the silence. Panning the silence. The treasure silence yields is not shiny baubles, not worldly fortune. The treasure is barely recognizable, easily thrown away in a pile of worthless ego thoughts. The treasure of silence is a void in the stream of consciousness, actual egoless non-consciousness. Step into the void. Fall into its depths. The void of silence is the way to the underworld, to the beyond, to the place so feared because it is entered in poverty of mind, poverty of spirit and poverty of belongings.

Ah! I have hit on the perfect word: belongings. I prepare to move out of this world by clearing out my belongings. I do not belong anywhere. I let go of my extravagant pile of books and clothes. Belongings are my worldly positions in society and economy and nation and world. Belongings are my positions, fancied or illusioned. Belongings are my opinions, attitudes and worldly beliefs.

No, I don't belong; and so I jump into the void.

The void is my God-capsule. Like a space capsule, it is my vehicle for travel outside the world. Silence is my companion. Poverty is my aerodynamics and my anti-matter propulsion.

The void of silence is my mind as God created it; such pure love, free of any thought that God did not think. Once entered, it expands into oneness with Infinite Love, All That Is.

You are with me in the oneness, the fellowship of the spirit. I call the fellowship the void because there is no ego there; hence no ego world. The void terrifies because it is entered without an ego, as nothing, in poverty. Once there, it is possible to learn of pure total Love...

... and total trust in Love alone.

What a blessing: my god has forsaken me.

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