Monday, July 13, 2009

Chesed - God's Merciful Love

I live alone. Despite decades of strenuous effort to have a special relationship or to permanently put people in my life, they keep disappearing. We move. We get other jobs. We simply stop coming around and change our phone numbers.

So, my love can only be abstract and universal, encompassing all. My love encompasses the little situations in a day as well as the entirety of life.

The trick for me is to accept the beauty of this situation, this potentiality, and receive its returning reverberations; and stop being pissed that I couldn't chain any individual to me. I've spent so much time thinking that since I had no special relationships that I was defective; unable to love. I am not a failure. I am called to embrace the Universal, unconditional, unchained truth.

Actually, it means that I am vulnerable to the generosity of The Almighty as He acts in others. It means that I am an innocent, a ward of the group, and reliant on merciful love; that Chesed of God which resides in each heart whether we know it or not.

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