Monday, July 13, 2009

Extreme Existence

Pictures by Dick Ross at the Psycho Psummer trail run. I can't believe I sprained my ankle and then ran another 15 miles or so on it!
Today I got up at 3:30 for ACIM study. I lifed weights at 4:30 and went walking with a little jogging for 70 minutes. It felt good to be out in the early morning and have mucho time to do what I want the rest of the day. My sprained ankle is a little swollen but pain free when I baby it.
The word extreme came to mind as I was out walking this morning. I have been practicing the extremes in several areas of my life for several years. Now that I am not employed, I plan to stretch myself. You see, it is about transcendence. I fully believe humans need to learn to live and love at a different level than we currently are. We need to learn to really be only spirit, not spirits having human experiences. I use the Course in Miracles as my text book. I also practice "not-going-along" with society. I practice doing things different. It is not a mystery that extreme sports appeared on the scene a few years ago. It was a symptom of young people knowing we need to live at a different level. I do things like fasting, ultrarunning, meditation, silence, solitude, early morning vigils, no TV, no status symbols on my clothes, having tremendous amounts of time when I am NOT busy, etc. These things shift my reality to an extreme.
Here is a story. When I was six or so, my parents left me in ski school for the day. The instructor took the class up the rope tow. I'm not sure what he said at the top of the hill. When it came my turn, I headed down to get some speed and attempted a turn and fell. I remember the teacher trying to tell me to follow his snow plow. But I already knew how to snow plow and wanted to parallel ski. So I got mad and refused to follow him. I crashed alot, but finally taught myself to parallel ski. Parallel skiing is a different level than snow plowing. At some point, we need to learn the next thing.
The same is true for the level at which most of us live our reality. I'm trying to transcend the normal mode of human life and normal modes of perception. They don't work and they don't make me happy. I want to live closer to the God design. I haven't yet found a teacher except Jesus in my mind. So I crash alot.
Reality, including my body, really is an illusion. The world I see really is a product of my projection and perception. So I seriously spend a good deal of time on changing my thinking. I, and all of us, are really just light, just ideas of love in the mind of God. Light does not need to do anything. I am serious about this. I have one face-to-face friend who I consider to be making this same effort. I have a couple of internet friends who I think are making the same effort. But the vast majority of "spiritual" people I know are just playing. Hence, I don't discuss this very much with real people. I am polite and nice but mainly just listen.


rob horton said...

i continue to really be enriched by following your journey notes - very cool.

Tracy said...

You are looking mighty buff! All that strength work is really paying off.

Spirit Flower said...

My weight work out takes about 25 minutes a day, including abdominals. None of my dumb bells are heavier than 10 lbs. I usually do one rep of 15, of 10 or 12 different arm exercises.

So, it is not a burden but does produce results.

I don't know how women can let themselves get so weak they can't do anything, but it is the norm.