Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Summary of ACIM

As briefly as I can put it, in my own words, here is what A Course in Miracles is saying:

It is not that you are you and I am me; but that we are as God is. Nothing else is. To authentically think only this, know that only God is, is the miracle and the Atonement. To learn and participate in forgiveness is my part.

Ok...thats it; except it takes a bible sized text book to explain this in detail. The words Atonement, Miracle and Forgiveness have very different meanings in the course because they are based in the one truth that "God is;" hence, sin could not be. It takes a text book to teach the meaning of these words. It takes a work book to learn how to live them.

The running was great today. I ran in the early morning. I did a porch workout this evening. I got to experience my inner drive, the thing that pushes me both spiritually and physically. I finally got to use my bicycle today as there was a small window this afternoon without a thunderstorm. Check my brief "about me" statement. I am not at this time a raw vegan but a peanut butter addict and beans with rice fanatic.

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