Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Listen and Run

Quotations from ACIM Text 31.II; in a short page or two, Jesus suggests 4 times that we be quiet and listen.

I have signed up to run a really long running race, 50 miles. I don’t go there just to win a medal or feel glorious about myself. Between now and the starting line on October 10 at 6 am, there is an infinity of time to work out, eat, sleep and work.

“…let us wait an instant and be still…”

Why do we run? Why do we run 50 mile races? Why do we train a couple hours a day during the week and 3 to 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday? For a finishers medal?

“Be still and listen.”

Running is the form. What goes on mentally, emotionally and spiritually is the content. To run purely on a physical level does seem quite shallow and egotistically boring. To experience running metaphysically has ongoing interest.

“Be very still an instant.”

Running brings myriads of pain, dreams, experiences, disciplines, thoughts, feelings, peaks, valleys, time, expense, planning, wastefulness, futility, hopes, disappointments, relationships, misunderstanding, patience, wisdom, peace and love. Happiness too!

“…come to listen silently…”

To the heartbeat, the foot fall, the birds, the wind, the rain, the trees, the insects, the cars, the swish, the swoosh, the pervading silence behind it all.

Between 6 am on October 10 and 6 pm on October 10 lies a great unknown which will ultimately be a memory; nothing more. Everything fades from form to content. We must go deeper than the exterior and surface reality in order to gain any value from human activity. Otherwise, our activities are just one long parade of hassles with pain and suffering and attendant hate. Our activities are escapes from the deep pain we all feel.

God can heal the pain…if…we come to His Presence and listen silently.

Personal statistics: Today I began chapter 31 in the ACIM text. It is the last chapter. I am finishing my fourth reading of the text in less than 2 years. I ordered a new copy for my next reading because I have sufficiently colored in the one I was using.

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