Thursday, May 21, 2009

Multi-day - 2nd walking afternoon

There was morning and then it was afternoon. Time to get off the bed and go for a walk.

I did it. How? I had this violent thought: going for a walk will starve my ego and tear away its face. Ummm...well, I don't know what to say about that but it motivated me. This multi was supposed to be about self-transcendence after all.

I think walking off an 18 mile morning with 8 more miles was a very good idea.

Just before getting up for the walk, I had a tremendous intuitive thought related to ACIM: My involvement with miracles is larger than I can imagine. For a few precious moments, I felt like I actually was a miracle worker and something was happening "out there" because of it. Talk about the veil being very thin! Believing the Course is real and that my work in it is real is difficult because the ego absolutely does not know anything about Jesus or the Holy Spirit or the Real World. So to notice a little thinning of the ego's defenses, enough to believe the Real World is true and that my mind is really not in my body is tremendous. Just a few brief seconds, easily missed; but I saw it. IT is true.

Tomorrow will be an easy day. I'll get up super early and do 3 hours in the park. Then it is off to the monastery to see Sr Priscilla. I don't know what time I'll be able to politely escape from all those sweet little old ladies! So the afternoon walking may be shorter.

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