Monday, January 12, 2009

Quiet 50th

Hi Everyone,

I am at work; the only one here for awhile. I'm the one that turns on the lights and plugs in the coffee pot. Although it is my birthday, my day started as usual: up at 3, spiritual study until 4:30, weight lifting and exer-bike, gather my stuff and come to work at 6. During my meditation, I realized that I was in an emotional slump. My ego does not want to serve God and often voices its concerns early in the morning. So I talked to Jesus about some different choices.

The truth is that there is nothing special about me. I will quietly suit up and show up everyday. My ego hates this. My ego despairs that God does not treat me special. Eating cake will not change this ego resentment. Only God can fulfill me, and so I turn to Him.

Most of my relationships are electronic. I am comfortable with this and grateful for the internet. I live in the boonies, so electronic is the only way to go. If I insisted on face-to-face, I'd have no one. Instead, I fancy I have a boy friend in South Africa and running buddies in Canada. I have received lots of best wishes. I'd love to hear from you.

Its my birthday and I am still me: reticent. I was going to post a mystical picture of what I think I looked like before I incarnated, but it didn't seem authentic. So I came to my day as usual. I'm afraid I don't sound all happy and triumphant; but I am well. I won't know if I am crabby until later!

Peace to all! Remember that in the eyes of God, you are completely absolved. God has no case against you and never did. God is Love and has no special relationships. Come home and be embraced.

It didn't snow last night, so I will get to go running today.

Oh well, what the is the picture:

I'm beautiful; aren't I? HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPIRIT FLOWER!!!!!!!!!

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