Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here I am Lord, Send Me

A little after supper last evening, I was sitting at my table for evening meditation/prayer. Suddenly, spontaneously, incredibly out of the blue!!!!! I blurted into my mind, "Here I am Lord, send me."

Yes I was sure. I felt incredibly unselfish for once and willing to experience whatever, in the name of Christ. I thought a bit and it came to me: the call of Isaiah. If you glance through the first 5 chapters of the Old Testament Book of Isaiah, you experience God's huge love for us and our ignorance and disrespect for Him. Then in chapter 6, He calls Isaiah. After experiencing God's love in the first few chapters, it is impossible not to be filled with compassion and blurt out towards heaven, "Yes! Whatever You want. I'm willing."

In willingness, God extends the power to know His presence deep down inside. His inner Presence, the fundamental idea of God in every person, is what can protect and inspire my living. This inner Presence, this fundamental idea of God is what I call holiness. Eveyone has it, but it is easily forgotten. Holiness will not buy you anything. Holiness draws us away from littleness: our cheap seeking for satisfaction in worldly things or accomplishments or over-eating or drugs or gambling or TV. Holiness will drawn you into meaningful relationships with other people, because you respect, honor and silently bless their holiness. Holiness will draw you out of fear of economic insecurity or even fear of looking stupid and dumb. The Spirit of God in me goes wild with blessing the world if I allow It to flow out through my holy awareness towards others, and join with the same Spirit in them.

In my heart, quietly enthroned, is The Presence. I need stop to give it space and I will know it. Knowing it, I am sent to remember it for everyone. We all have it.

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