Thursday, January 8, 2009

Prelude to Symphonic Love

From A Course in Miracles:

  • …Love dwells in you…
  • …only holiness (the awareness of your divine indwelling) can content you…
  • Value no plan of the ego before the plan of God.
  • …willingly and gladly give over every plan but His.
  • Every thought you keep hidden shuts communication off…

Today? Time for another promotion for “reflecting.” I read these spiritual things which remind me of God’s presence and I simply must stop, pause, be quiet, listen. If I can, I close my eyes and look inside.

I am Spirit Flower, a semi-hermit. I am approaching my 50th birthday. I find myself intrigued by this milestone. I don't feel 50; yet I have a recently found confidence in myself and my life choices which I never felt as a younger person.

I spent so many years pleasing people and trying to get their approval and validation. I struggled emotionally in my solitude with being "good enough" or "enlightened" and "what did the religious people think of me, am I bad?" I used to really hate normal society. These struggles seem to have run their course and like an infection, I got over them.

I have discovered a theology or spiritual system of thought which I can do alone in my house, no guru required, working directly with Spirit, no evangelization requirement. Maybe it was diligent work with this material, maybe continually investigating my feelings and writing about them, maybe just time; but I find myself at peace.

I think that anyone who walks away from society will feel some of these emotional pressures; but I say, "hang in there." The peace, light and freedom of living outside the social norms is totally worth it. I am a success!

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