Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Run

Today went really really well.

See, yesterday was a bit suckish. I knew it would be as I knew I had to work out the insoles for a new pair of shoes. Consequently, I'd run 2 miles, stop at the car and adjust locations of wedges etc, run 2 more miles, stop and adjust, repeat. But, I finally got them right and at 14 miles decided those shoes were now comfy. Comfy means my left heel is not screaming. These were Mizuno Wave Riders; a shoe I have not used before.

But my heel was still cranky over the experiment. I didn't know how I'd feel today. But I used the tried and true Nimbus' and my foot felt good. Then the point of today became convincing myself I could maintain a 4.2 mph average pace. I'm signed up for a 50k on a trail next Saturday. It is a day to enjoy a forest for a good long time; but the race has cut-offs so I need to keep up my pace, not just walk slowly.

But my feet felt good today, much better than expected so not only did I keep going to 20 miles but I allowed myself to dream. And yes, I was dreaming about a situation in San Antonio. A woman I know is putting on several races over a 3 day period in May. And several people I've met will be there. These are low key events where you can take as long as you want to finish. Some amazing things happen at these races. People putting in amazing performances over 2 or 3 days. Since I have met these people, I know they are not young and not perfect specimens of human athletes. It seemed like an environment where I could accomplish more than I can by myself. So I came home today and clicked submit; a double marathon entered. Insane if I decide to skimp on hotel rooms and just keep running.

I saw an alligator today. I also saw a beetle pushing a piece of dung. I guess that makes it a dung beetle.

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