Thursday, April 18, 2013

Self Transcendance

Today, in Flushing Meadows, 38 runners began a 10 day Self Transcendence race (Sri Chinmoy). There will also be a 6 day. And later this summer there is the 3,100 Mile Self Transcendence Race.

It is for the sake of these races that I became interested in ultra-marathons. I wanted to do miles and miles for hours and days. I have no interest in the challenge of a trail. I have interest in the meditation which occurs when you are just doing miles and time; nothing else.

It is an opportunity to draw into your soul; and then come out into an environment where other runners have done the same thing. You might chat a bit as someone passes you; but then you return to your cocoon and ponder your walking.

I can't go as far as I wish. But I still do the practice every day. Some days I can hardly walk, but as I slowly let things limber up, I become fine.

Care to follow the 10 day race? Uptal has a neat blog:

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Anonymous said...

With objective and quiet detachment I was curious to see what how the running tribe would react to Boston. I do hope they properly warmed up as with such strenuous patting of one's back can otherwise cause a strain or even a break. It was amazing just how clueless the tribe is as people checked in and were happy to see none of the members of the tribe were hurt and then to praise what a strong and healthy sense of community they had and yet completely oblivious to the real victims of Boston. ONE runner got knocked down by the blast and skinned his knee and so there are to be runs held in honor of the runners who did not get to finish or whose proud day of ego inflating was ruined by the bombs. Wear a running shirt to work in support of the poor runners and as an after thought if even that much, for the 3 dead and hundreds maimed. The tribe is now motivated to show the terrorists that they cannot get away with skinning the knee of one runner that there will be a rush to qualify and run Boston. That when one gets into that tribe that they become so self absorbed they lose all perspective. One person who finished was outraged that the BAA was giving away the "iconic" jackets to the bombing victims and those runners who had not finished so they would have something warm to get them back to the hotel, etc. And to think I bought into such thinking, that the race and the medals and jackets brought purpose and meaning to my life when it is nothing more than a pleasant hobby that with done with the proper restraint and moderation is a way to become fit and healthy on every level. On a long run yesterday, I contemplated such matters and realized that on a nice sunny day I would have gone on that run in any event. But also just how silly it was to be an adult worried about distance and pace so that I can run a meaningless race so I can get a medal and hence feel better about myself.