Friday, April 19, 2013

Inner Miles

From Uptal's blog:

"With each new lap and as the many hours tumble past, each who one runs here, find themselves drawn ever more deeply within themselves.  Into parts of their being that most of us are often quietly aware and yet most of us never seem to rarely find the time or inclination to explore there.  Even though this part of us has been constantly beckoning us.

It is within this unmeasurable inner journey that they also feel an  expansion of their subtle dimensions.  For it is after all a pilgrimage here.  To a place where the travelers journey, way beyond the very limited world that their eyes see and their feet can carry them.   A place of self transcendence in which the goal is to explore and gather new strength and purpose from the uncharted regions within themselves."

Something like this is what I seek in the endless miles and solitude which I create in my life. To me, it is God. I find it in the miles. I find it in the sitting quietly.

Today, I slept really late. And then attended an on-line staff meeting. They are re-organizing. I knew right away that I wanted to go into the new group. But first, I went for an 8 mile run in the park. My shoes felt awesomely good. Coming home, the e-mail went to my Lead.

Why did I volunteer? I guess I'm a rolling stone. To stay in one place is to die (of boredom at least).

This evening, I did my weight lifting and then 40 minutes of Versa Climber and Nordic Track. With the 8 miles, that makes for an easy day. I'm not "training" for anything and enjoying no pressure.

Tomorrow, I'll try again to find God in the inner miles.

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