Friday, April 12, 2013

Hog's Hunt Prelude - Friday AM

To start, here is a beautiful picture from some place in Colorado stolen from Journey to Badwater blog,

I just cancelled the hotel reservation I had for some roadside inn near Huntsville. I did this because I wanted to relax at home and in my own bed tonight. I thought I would hate being in some degraded cheap hotel room. And I can make green smoothies this evening to have something for after the race tomorrow.

But here is the surprise. As I clicked cancel, I realized that I made that reservation in the first place because I think I am getting too old to get up and 2:45 am, drive 100 miles and run 31 miles.

But thinking I am old, and acting that way is the key revelation here. If I start that now, I'm sunk. Yes, some crummy issues are going on in my body; but I could see these differently. I don't have to add "old age" as the hidden issue behind all my decisions.

A Course in Miracles chapter 4: "Let the Holy One shine on you in peace, knowing this and only this must be."

Now, I'm going to do an easy workout. Then go to work. I just donned my hachi maki, which says "Spirit Warrior" in Japanese (fighting spirit in picture). Now I feel strong, decisive, ready.

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