Monday, April 29, 2013

Endless Spirit

It is early Monday morning. I got up at 3:30 and did my spiritual study. I am confused by the Course in Miracles. From Chapter 6: "To have, give all to all." But it adds, you need not understand but merely turn in that direction.

I will mount my elliptical this morning and meditate on this statement. Surely sometime today, I will have an experience which will explain it.

Take up your hachimaki and walk is another phrase that goes through my mind. My hachimaki is my warrior spirit. Not that I will fight anybody, but that I will rise out of my ego self and be my spirit self. And this also is part of the elliptical meditation.

I am waiting for the corporation. I am in limbo with my job. Of course this makes it easy for my ego to attack me and make me afraid. I'll only survive by relying on spirit. Fear is of the ego. Spiritual practice is all I can do.

Phrase for today: To have, give all to all. You are merely asked to turn that way.

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Ultra Monk said...

My first answer while riding the elliptical was: have compassion on yourself.