Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I am reading brain books; neuroscience. The one I'm reading now, "Brain-Wise" does the best job of explaining how an awareness can come into being out of neuronal activities. I am just starting the part about how life itself can come into being from cells without any divine intervention. That is, being alive can start from dead materials of construction. I haven't read the details yet.

But I do think it is important to allow myself to think of myself as a personality made out of remembered experiences and survival skills, and the uniqueness does not come from a cell but from neurons.

And then I got on my elliptical. I like this exercise because I can close my eyes and stopper my ears and just think for an hour. I can believe life came from cells not God. Without a Creator, I can't answer, "Why is there something instead of nothing?"

Every account I've read of someone's God experience involves trauma to the brain itself or the emotions.

Can I, an aware living set of cells, evolve a spirit that same way I evolved a consciousness? If so, I doubt if I would be the first one. If the thesis is true, then someone else must have done it. Jesus? Buddha?

I need to explore nothingness some more, and indeed keep reading.

My other dilemma: I have found several races in Texas during the summer. Now that I've found these races, there is no need to get on an airplane. But I am holding credits that need to be used. I think I'll eat the loss of at least one ticket. I probably will use the others. But I certainly can't decide where to go. St Louis in September is the most likely choice. Maybe God will tell me.

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