Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Riding the Wave

I caught the running wave right at it's beginning. I was 13 years old. I've ridden the wave for 41 years. I plan to ride it all the way to the beach. And die there I suppose.

Today I got up at 3:19 as usual and completed my spiritual study. Then I did my exercise which included a short 30 min run. It was nearly 80F and humid; typical summer Houston. Then I went to work.

Immediately, as soon as I got there I was confronted by 2 colleagues asking about Boston. I guess I can't avoid talking about Boston just like everyone else. I'm a marathoner. No way around it.

I ran my first marathon when I was 19. My mother was proud of me, but she never said that to me directly. I heard it from her friends.

I ran when I was a nun, but I don't think that fit very well with the other sisters who were mainly old and completely sedentary.

For awhile I was an ultra-marathoner. But I have recently given that up as too painful. I like marathons. Just long enough but not too long.

I am a Marathon Maniac.

Today I was wearing the marathon shirt I got at a marathon in Corpus Christi a few weeks ago. I really like it. I had fun at that marathon. I was riding around the plant on my golf cart, going from meeting to meeting. I had to admit I love being a marathoner.

I've qualified for Boston twice (2009 and 2010), but not signed up.The experience would only piss me off. I'd also hate myself for bragging about it because it is something most people admire. I would be unable to not brag. It would slip out. I'd accept the rewards.

In terms of bombs. I think all sensational violence is the same category. Bombing the Boston marathon is the same as Oklahoma City and far smaller than 9/11. Bombing the Boston marathon is the same as hurricane Sandy taking out New York marathon. I've heard the same sensational stories. We like sensational stuff to happen. We live vicariously through it. We thirst for all the nitty gritty gory stories.

I don't have any prayers for anybody since I don't pray in that manner. I'm not running in honor of anybody. I run for myself and that is it.

I bought 2 pairs of new running shoes today. I had a 20% off coupon. I had a happy day.

My first double marathon is in 2 weeks. Can't wait.

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