Friday, June 3, 2011

The Task - Individual

If you are a Benedictine religious, you will learn about the gyrovages and the sarabites; and how the best kind of monks are the cenobites because they live in community under a Superior and a Rule. Roman Catholics are big on making sure everyone follows the tradition of the Church and not interpreting things for themselves. For a long time, Catholics didn't even have Bibles. They just listened to priests read the scriptures in Latin.

Buddhists have the Sangha as one of their treasures. Hindus have gurus.

We are so programmed to join groups and learn from others.

Jesus did not learn from others: He knew from within. Buddha rejected his teaching and found enlightenment from within himself.

So I am flabbergasted to be reading Paul Brunton who quite clearly indicates that a person must think for them self and find God on their own. Of course, he admits that not every one can do this; but for those with the resources, it is the only way to find truth.

I have the resources. After studying many books and religions and listening to many speakers, I find I can look within and hear intuition.

Today, I was meditating at home. I decided to do an intuition experiment. I asked inside, "Who am I?" The immediate answer was, "Boundless Energy." I certain have read something similar to this before; but these exact words are my own.

It explains alot. Especially since, just before doing this intuition experiment, I had reflected on my exercise potential.

What resources do I have? Time, energy, discipline, intelligence, perseverance, silence, solitude, meditation technique, a purified physical body, books, education, ability to listen, in depth exposure to at least 3 different philosophies, a divorce from society, sobriety. AND, I use my resources. Many people have enough resources but never use them.

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