Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beyond the Group

"The general direction of his thoughts and deeds - rather than those thoughts and deeds themselves - as well as the ideal he most habitually contemplates, is what is most important and most significant in his life." (Brunton)

It is somewhat odd to me. Being at peace is also quiet. I have no great spiritual inspiration for you dear reader. I don't know that I have any real thinking going on in my head. I will refrain from endlessly quoting other peoples books, as you can go read those yourself. the mental silence in and of itself is worth silent contemplation.

This morning, I ran 20 miles along the levy. It took me 3 hours of thinking about my new Zone diet and my September Silverton Colorado race, before I decided to take my mind off the world. For the next hour and a half, my mind was only on a bit of my spiritual creed, "In the holy instant, Thou I see. Thou art miracles come forth as love." And that became all.

My weekly rolling mileage total is 76 miles as of today. 3 days this week, I took 2 hour runs on hills. This did wear a bit on my patella tendon. Then, last night, I tried something new my trainer told me about: galloping lengthwise on my step platform. I think 25 min of that touched some new nerves in my hip joint. Last nights workout was a total of 110 min of cross training. So, 20 miles on a flat levy today didn't hurt anything more, but the legs were tired.

I read a book by Dr Barry Sears this week about The Zone diet. I was interested because it is a performance enhancing diet and athletes use it to get in the zone. My trainer has also studied the main theory from others than B. Sears and she agreed with the premises. I have lost 2 pounds I didn't really have to lose, but the body fat percentage shifted. My run today didn't cost me any weight which is a good thing.

It is self transcendence season. That is, the 3,100 mile race gets started tomorrow. This race fascinates me and I look in on it every day, as well as e-mail the lone female entrant, Surasa M. About 10 runners will run/walk around a 0.5 mile block in NYC up to 16 hours a day until they achieve the 3,100 mile total. Seems boring but it is really about meditation and self transcendence. This race and my desire for self transcendence is what started my into the ultra-running realm.

Now I think I will lift weights and listen to A Prairie Home Companion.

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