Friday, June 24, 2011



Of course I am totally aware of how frowned on austerity is. I've been told how it is wrong to be hard on yourself. I've been told how the austere life doesn't mean anything. I've wondered myself if the desire is not an ego driven attempt to think I am more holy than everyone else.

But I am drawn to less. I can feel it deep in my guts. I don't want all the fanciness or excess or facade. I am making my stand. What I am getting at is the deep feeling in my guts: a need for the imperishable substance of my soul. Cookies and cake in the material world will not satisfy.

My weekly rolling mileage total is at 70.4 miles. Yesterday, I did something new: I ran around trees. That is, I found 5 trees in the parking lot next door which are fairly close together and in uneven grass. To run figure 8 loops around them is an exercise for the ankles and a little bit for muscles not directly on the front of my legs.

Here is a picture of me finishing my last race.

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