Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be Not Afraid...

....I go before you always.

Its a Christian hymn right? But to me, I think of the who-goes-before-me as my soul or inner self or Self.

This morning was beautifully cool with no thunder storms today. I had some extra time so I ran for 90 minutes and this song is what popped into my head. I am also thinking a great deal about my 5 day weekend. I have a personal multi-day planned. A big question is my character. Can I step up to the plate of self transcendence because I want to; even with out a formal race environment? Will the inner person get me out of bed?

It will be hot and sunny this weekend. Getting started early will matter. I have planned out what and how. Execution is whats left.

Execution powered from within is what many lack. Lack of execution apart from a group is the reason why St Benedict started monasteries. He said that most don't have the inner strength to do something on their own, but will do it in the safety of the group. And that is why monasteries follow rules: to ensure they execute their plan.

So Thursday morning, when the alarm goes off, that is my personal private starting line for self transcendence.

Be not afraid.....I will set you free (is how the refrain ends).

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