Sunday, June 5, 2011

Amazing Grace

Look around my one bedroom apartment. Besides the single bed, the study table and the kitchen, all you see is exercise equipment. And, for over a year I've not had much social contact except for work.

I am as of this time in a state of joy. See, I've been set free spiritually. A spiritual program consists of prayer, study, meditation, surrender and inventory. I can clearly point to what I am doing in each of these areas. After I dedicate myself, it is Grace that guides me. I am today totally happy and conscious of that.

I had to start my run at 6 am today as it is very hot outside. I ran 20 miles on a flat path by the river. It was a run filled with prayer. I found myself much at peace as I recited to myself various pieces of my personal spiritual creed.

Having finished my run by 11 am, I had more time this afternoon for spiritual reflection. I seem to feel connected and good. I discussed with the Silence the various things I'm afraid of or unresolved about. I turned my life over to this higher power. This doesn't happen to me that often so I notice when it does.

Now, I have lifted the free weights and am about to go out in the heat for a short walk. It is so incredible to be me.

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