Sunday, March 27, 2011

William James Post-lude

I finished the book "Varieties of Religious Experience" by William James.

I finished my Sunday workout: 97 minutes of exercise equipment in my one bedroom apartment, and then an 11 mile run in the park. I ran in 36F temps with a strong east wind. As I type now, there is a light snow falling but it won't really amount to anything.

You may have noticed that while I was reading James, I quietly put down "A Course in Miracles." Next to look at is several articles by Paul Brunton and "Metaphysics" by Aristotle.

At work, I may be in transition or maybe not. I interviewed for a promotion on Friday. The interview went well, but there are forces in the company beyond my control. And so here is the rub, the spiritual connection.

I am dependent on a higher consciousness (to which I don't have direct access) to work out the so-called "luck" or favoritism for me to get the promotion. I believe in the presence of the higher consciousness. My life seems to go better when I think my life is not my own but belongs to it. This moment in my history could be the end of a trail of delusions which I call spirituality. However, I don't believe I will turn off my faith. I can't control the volume of the higher consciousness's voice speaking quietly (if at all). The best I can do is maintain interior silence, listen to the silence, and then suit up and show up for my exterior life.

Life is either a blessing or a curse. I get the blessing if I put faith in my spiritual delusion and not the world.

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