Monday, March 7, 2011

Imagine the Presence

I had the urge to blog this morning at 3:50 am, after I'd got up at 3:20 and done some spiritual work. But, it was time for a workout, so I wrote my thoughts on a piece of paper to type in after I got to work.

Now, I am sitting here with what I wrote. Part of my brain says, "Oh, that is stupid. Don't bother to blog it." That same part fears the nay-sayers who occasionally comment about how stupid God bloggers are. I'll keep it short, but I am going to say what I thought.

When I want to remember God, or realize that this world is an illusion, I think this: I imagine that all around me is the presence of a great love. It is a silent benign love who cares for all equally. When tapped into and believed, I see a world of love, not one of hate.

It is my choice to remember this great silent love. I live in it and am a part of it and so is everything and everyone. I have the ability to switch my reality from the material world to the world of benign love.

Simple but not easy. The choice and the power is mine. I can remember God or not.

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