Sunday, February 27, 2011

Does God Hate Us?

Ok, provacative title on purpose.

There is no God.

Ok, now I'm being difficult.

But if there is a God, and that God is really beyond our level of thinking, he wouldn't like some better than others. So, why is it that so very few of us seem to be enlightened? Many that are enlightened seem to have worked many years in places like Buddhist monasteries and under strict rules. Others just pop into enlightenment with doing anything. Others get it from traumatic brain injury or drugs. Many who work just as hard, take the same drugs or have brain injuries, are not enlightened.

I've attempted many methods for enlightenment. Basically, except for brain injury or drugs, I've tried it. I've listened to many stories and for the most part, I think that "enlightenment" is really an endorphin release which feels so good we think it was God.

Now, I've been a student of A Course in Miracles for 3.5 years. I think the material is true, but it still doesn't lead to enlightenment. And, it is still outside material, not a direct communication between me and God. So does God hate me or what?

I don't know of course. There may not be a God. Or at least, what we hope is God does not exist.

I spent my run today repeating two sentences of my own composition:

Eternal silence is the life in me.
Still and quiet love has set me free.

Basically, I don't need to be more complicated than that. Any time I feel the slightest fear, annoyance or anger, it is because I stopped letting silence rule my mind. Anytime, I don't like another person, its because I stopped looking for silence in them.

If there is a God, that God must by definition be very silent. That is the only way to be pervasive and eternal.

I ran 22.2 miles on hilly roads today. I ran 73.85 miles this week.

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