Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today is the feast day for St Scholastica. If I was still a Benedictine, I wouldn't have to go to my monastic job, but instead have a religious holiday. After lengthy morning prayers and Eucharist, I would sneak out for a run; and show back up in time to help set elaborate tables for a noonday feast. I never really agreed that fat old nuns should ever feast, but they did do a lot of it.

Instead, I am at work. I got up at 3:25 and did my morning spiritual study. This morning I was very grateful to read a bit in A Course in Miracles text because it reminded me of something more, beyond just work troubles. And I was reminded of how I can look at the world and others without getting sucked into anger and resentment. I call this calibrating my brain. If I don't return regularly to base level spiritual thoughts, I'll soon be lost in anger and fear and self hate. I can't live like that.

After my spiritual workout, I did 110 minutes on my ex-machines. Checking out my rolling 7 day mileage total on, I've run 81+ miles in the past 7 days.

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