Friday, February 4, 2011

Performance Matters

Would I really worry about happiness or woundedness if I was desperately hungry or cold? Really, when I am fully occupied with work, or fitness, I don't care about my psychological deformities. If I was starving, I wouldn't care about fitness either.
Performance not psychology matters.

I was reminded yesterday that it has been 8 or so years since I have been to a touchy feely seminar. It made me very happy to know I am all about business and performance. Performance matters.

The idea of God is blase. If your spirituality is not improving your life and your relations with others, give it up. Washing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom is more effective for spiritual performance than yet another seminar or a session on a table.

I am not desperately hungry or cold in this world, but spiritually, what am I?

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