Monday, February 9, 2009

The Power Greater than Myself

My Course lesson today encouraged me to feel the strength of a Power greater than myself. I need to feel this Power in order to trust it more than my own puny ideas of how to get along in life. I was encouraged to believe that there is Power behind my spiritual work and the power empowers me to continue. There are so many times I could have chosen to forget about spirituality. Who do I think it was that called me to spirituality in the first place? Somehow, I heard a suggestion to start, and some Power has keep the work alive for many years.

I sat in my meditation and looked at the inner light. I look at it but don’t really feel it. I am aware that John of the Cross called this the living flame of love. I am aware of countless Buddhists who speak of enlightenment. Christ is the light of the world and the light which enlightens every man. I am aware of the millions of people who have experienced release from their limited egos and found salvation. I feel the subtle not the explosion. I must admit that the feeling of strength did not come as I gazed at the light. IT made me aware of Itself just a short while later; not during the meditation but after the run.

After my spiritual practice period, I lifted weights and did abdominals and then went for a fabulous 3 mile run (starting at 4:30 am). It was a full moon, very warm. Coming home, I thought I had about 10 minutes to do a few more abdominals and a few more reps with the weights. It was sitting on my weight bench that I thought, “What a privilege it is to be an athlete.” How marvelous that I am lifting weights and feeling so alive. It was then that I realized that the Strength of Light had shown through the heart of my run. It is not that I am so fast or strong but simply that I am. Running through the night, I am a disembodied force, solely an idea of love exposed to breezes and airs, and accompanied by angels. In the physical actions of running and weight lifting, I had discovered the Power greater than myself. It had called me out of lethargy into Its movement. I had joined Its force and hung on to Its strength. It had pulled me into the flow of Its strong Love. Fully immersed it Its stream of Life, I had transcended my body and become an idea of love fully one with Love Itself. Love Itself is Creation. Total realization that Creation is my source and my strength is joining It. This joining with Creation is God’s Will.

I will have a happy life no matter what happens if I hang on to this Power.

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