Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Dregs

Lost your mojo? Good.
New found poverty? Good.

Time to drink the dregs of your life.
Face ego dissatisfaction.
The spoilt child within has been unseated.
No more is to be had from pleasing it.
It can’t run faster, win another race, finish a longer ultra.
It is done. Christmas is over.

Drink the dregs, soul sickness, acedia, depression.
Explore the dissatisfaction.
Feel the hunger and hate and fear.
Feel deeper into the nothingness than ever.
Feel “tired” and feel “lonely” and feel “sick.”

Don’t turn up the treadmill, put on another sweat suit.
Don’t cancel the outdoor run, go stand in the frigid wind;
Allow Friend Winter to penetrate your soul.
Seek the sweat lodge of the run;
The meditation hall of the crunch.

Go to the liturgy of the dregs:
Drink the senna tea to clean your bowels.
Drink the distilled water to wash your blood of fat and toxins.
Cry your eyes out in your utter worthlessness.
Pay the bills and do the dishes.
Change your diaper.

You are now ready to seek the Inner.
Your ego kudos can no longer satisfy.
Performance and happiness come from Self, Atman, Christ, Buddha, That.
This person within is now your sole support.
Willingness to follow It will get you through the dregs.
The Gift must come from It, not you.

No mojo? Good!

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