Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Day

I came in to work thinking, "Wow, I feel good today." I do. I'm saying that now just in case Happy is infectious and you want to catch it.

The result of my morning spiritual study and meditation today was increased trust in Love. As usual, I brought my fear into the meditative light and allowed it to be treated. The meditative light heals sort of like UV light treats contaminated waste water. I bring my fears and hold them out and the light heals them.

I am certain I am on the spiritual path that was meant for me. I have the tools to remember God and know that I am spirit, not physical. I am learning that the world I see with my eyes is an illusion; and the real world is also seen, but not with physical eyes. Hence, I am learning to realize my problems are not real.

God is Love. I am determined to know this in this life.

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